sad panda

clinton obama

you know what makes me a sad panda? when i look around and see the current polarization of the democratic party against itself. now, i support obama and all… but i don’t think i have anything in common with the rabid obamaniacs out there now spewing their nonsensical attacks on clinton which really just irks me. it makes the obama campaign seem like a gang of idiots. there are some clintonites out there too that attack obama incessantly and without class. meanwhile, mccain and his supporters are just sitting on the sidelines feeding each camp some juicy morsels every now and then, biding their time until the general election campaign when they finally know who their real opponent is. the point i’m trying to make is that if you’re trying to convince me to vote for your candidate via attacks on the other candidates, i’m going to label you an idiot and just nod my head while thinking of how i’m going to escape your dreaded hate sermon. honestly, if the only arguments you can come up with to vote for your candidate are statements that try to generate fear in the person you’re talking to, you need to be shot. we are living in a civilized society. let’s start behaving like one.

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