Comcastic? More like Suckcastic…

comcast sucks

According to this blog source, Comcast, who has already made the news lately with their anti-P2P agenda is on the warpath again.  This time, it is not just against P2P users on its network.  No.  This time, they’ve broadened their target to encompass almost all high bandwidth users.  If you’re reading this and you use Comcast, you’re a sucker.  If you want to get the internet access that you’re fucking paying for, switch to Fios.  Verizon has said that they actually support Comcast’s decisions in regulating the bandwidth, but so far from what I can tell, the Fios service has been untouched.  If Verizon decides to shaft us, we’ll just have to find someone else to get internet access from.  I just don’t want to pay a monthly fee for a crippled service.  Would you buy a sports car with a speed governor on it?  I think not.  Boycott Comcast until they stop interfering with our packets.

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