Just a quick recap of some of today’s more interesting news.

Apple announced the new 3g iphone at WWDC today and kinda surprised a lot of us by confirming a brit rumor that it would sell for $200.  If they can sell an upgraded version now for $200, the profit margin off the first gen iphone (around $600) must have been friggin ridiculous.  While this is great news for everyone who wanted an iphone but didn’t get one because of the exorbitant cost, I’m still wondering where my google phone is!?

Today, Mike Huckabee, former republican presidential candidate got every candidate’s dream in terms of press coverage.  On Saturday, Huckabee saved the life of a fellow republican politician by giving Robert PIttenger (Lt. Gov. of NC) the heimlich in the middle of a GOP convention breakfast.  This is just PR gold.  Hell, next time I’m eating at a convention, seat me next to Huckabee!

If you were in Tokyo, Japan this morning in the Akihabara district (famous for being a mecca to anime and video game fans everywhere), you might have seen a truck driving into a crowd and then someone jumping out of the truck to stab 18 people.  Hmm…  Maybe he was just as angry as I was when Bleach decided to just randomly, and without explanation, go into a filler story arc right when the main story arc was getting really awesome…

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