So what can YOU do about the energy crisis?

I’m sure everyone has given some thought to the current state of fuel consumption especially now that it’s hit everyone at home in their wallets every time you get gas at the pump.  You can’t go one day of watching the news without seeing something about the cost of oil barrels rising and setting new records.  The big question is:  What can you do?

During the 70s, there was another energy crisis that prompted the Nixon administration to mandate a 55 mph national speed limit. The idea was to curb fuel spending on a national level and although it makes sense, was hugely unpopular.  How would you feel about something like this now?  Considering my lengthy history involving speeding tickets, I already know my lead foot would be recalcitrant in this matter.  But it is something small that everyone can do that would actually make a difference in national consumption.  Isn’t it worth trying?