The aftermath


 So after this election, after the joys, after the celebrations, after the parties, what are we left with?  A big void until the inauguration in January.  The hope and momentum of the Obama campaign will slowly die down in the next couple of weeks while the anger and frustration of the disenfranchised Republicans will probably last the next 4 to 8 years.  Right now, everyone is just wondering what will happen next.  Will Obama be able to bring about the change he promised?  Will he be able to fix the economy?  Will he bring the troops back from Iraq, just to send them right back to Afghanistan?  

Everyone has ideas of what they think Obama will bring and honestly, that is because so many people have been waiting for a moment like this.  The liberals weren’t too happy with Clinton as he left office, and I don’t think I have to talk about how half the country felt cheated with the Bush/Gore election of 2000.  Then there was the resounding defeat of Kerry by Bush in 2004 which many just could not believe happened.  The left has waited a long time for this election.  However, that long wait has just exacerbated what they think they “need” in this Obama administration.  

I guarantee some people will be disappointed.  I don’t say that because I think Obama will make mistakes (but he’s just a normal guy like you and me, so yea, he’s gotta make a few).  I say that because it’s just impossible for him to meet the demands and dreams of every citizen in this country.  I’m curious myself to see how much “change” he can bring about.  I’d like to see something done about the economy.  I’d like to see something being done about the large special interest groups having the power that they do in Washington.  I’d like to see something being done about the War on Terror and the War on Drugs.  I’d like to see a lot of things.  Do I think I’ll see anything?  Yea, I do.  But I’m optimistic.  Always have been.  That’s partially the reason I supported Obama.  I do believe in bringing about practical change.  If anything, I do think he has changed the landscape for elections and political organizing on the national level for years to come.  I don’t want this idealistic “change” that the nay-sayers keep throwing out in their petulent arguments (eg.  “socialism!” “mandatory government service!” etc.)  All I want is some “change” I can believe in.  And I think Obama will do his best to do it.

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