First Look: Dead Space

dead space[/caption]

Since I’ve quit WoW, I’ve ended up playing a bunch of single player games that came out recently.  Dead Space was one of the more hyped games to come out so I thought I’d give it a shot and install this huge sucker.

It starts off like a typical sci-fi action thriller.  You’re on a ship sent to investigate a mining station after radio contact went dead.  You are an engineer-type guy, not they typical commando role that these games normally have you play.  This plays a big part in how the game is actually set up.  The suit you wear is more of a utility suit than a battle armor suit and your initial weapon is a welding tool and not your typical “ZOMG BIG FUCKING GUN” type deal.  I also enjoyed the fact that the perspective is third-person over-the-shoulder as opposed to the standard first-person.

I have to say that while the game’s graphics are quite awesome and the creature hitboxes are complex, I’m not really getting into it at all.  Of course, I’ve only played the initial chapter (I won’t ruin anything with spoilers) so there is probably a lot that I’ve not seen yet.  There are some pretty tense “GOTCHA” moments and some awesome scenery, but nothing’s really captured my long-term attention.  Maybe I’ll change my mind as I continue playing, but I still think it’s definitely worth checking out.

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