Movin on up

So after living with roommates for over 10 years, I’ve finally got a place of my own in Arlington.  It’s a newly renovated efficiency in a medium-rise apartment complex down the street from where I used to live.  I spent most of the past week moving stuff from the old place to the new.  Living by myself is definitely worth the added cost.  All I need is for the internet to be hooked up on Wednesday.  In a way, the old tradition of baking a cake and going over to a new neighbors house has been replaced with the graciousness of my philanthropic neighbors who have kindly let me connect to “linksys” or “dlink”.  I love you neighbor!  The building itself is rather quiet (so far).  I wonder if my watching Dark Knight with the volume on full blast Sunday morning was a rude awakening for anyone?  hehe.

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