My first hockey game


Tonight I went to my first hockey game with a friend’s dad and had a great time!  The action was intense and the game was easy to pick up for a hockey noob like me.  It was the Washington Capitals vs the New York Islanders.  The Caps have lost the last four games to the Islanders.

The Caps started off strong and scored twice in the first period, but the Islanders came back and tied it up during the 2nd.  In the end, the Caps played a better game and won decisively 5-2.  My friend’s dad had front row seats so we were right up next to everything which made the experience that much more fantastic.

After the Caps scored the first time, I got to take part in the glorious act of banging on the glass like a madman along with everyone else in the front row.  The fans’ enthusiasm amazed me as the game progressed.  You could feel the anticipation of the audience every time the Caps had the puck near the Islanders’ goal.  And every time a penalty was called on a Cap, the crowd seemed like they were going to jump onto the ice and beat up the offending referee.  All in all, I had an awesome time and think that I’ll probably be going to more hockey games in the future.  I will most likely not be sitting in the front row in the future, but hopefully it is still just as exciting hehe.

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