New on TV: Dollhouse


So Joss Whedon has finally come out of a long hiatus and brought us a new show called Dollhouse. Interestingly enough, it involves a beautiful female protagonist, Echo, who copes with personal issues while beating up bad guys. She’s supported by a team who are part of an organization that is not supposed to exist. Does this sound familiar to anyone? While I’m not discounting the show just yet, let’s see if Whedon can deliver. The interplay between the fiercely independent (often brooding) main character and their team of sidekicks is what made me love Joss Whedon in the first place. I’m wondering if we truly do have a new Buffy or Angel on our hands, or if the network has had so much influence in the show, that they’ve already condemned it to failure. Or maybe we have a new type of animal with Dollhouse. Maybe Whedon has evolved his skills after all this time into something bigger and better…

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