Why some tech bloggers are absolute idiots about Chrome OS

chrome os

Ok, so you’re a tech blogger. That doesn’t necessarily mean you actually have a technical degree from an accredited university. It just means that you’re some person who likes to write about techie things. So when you write an article about Google’s Chrome OS in which you completely have no idea what you’re talking about, someone like me has to respond and let you know you’re an idiot.

The article I’m talking about is here. Mr. Bradley mentions that he knows that Chrome OS isn’t for mainstream PC’s, but does he actually understand that? His attitude in the article suggests that Chrome OS will fail because “an operating system that is essentially just a web browser on steroids designed to run on low-end netbook hardware will not be able to fill that need.” The need he’s referring to is to open up an application that benefits from running locally (like Photoshop). I don’t quite think he understands what a netbook is used for. Mr. Bradley, I don’t do video/photo editing on my netbook. I use my netbook for its intended purpose — a lightweight system to use internet apps. Chrome OS sounds perfect for that.

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