morning IMs

(11:06:36 AM) steve: you do know about ass eels right?

(11:06:39 AM) me: omg no

(11:06:42 AM) me: but it sounds WRONG

(11:06:45 AM) me: JUST WRONG

(11:06:47 AM) steve: oh. it IS.

happy new year with a chrome tip

Happy new years everyone!  Hopefully 2010 will be much better than 2009 and so far, it’s starting to look that way.  I also want to share a small google chrome tip that I just discovered.

pin tabs

See those small tabs at the top left?  Google Chrome lets you “pin” tabs to the navigation bar.  This is great for people who have a small subset of tabs that are constantly open.  More screen real estate is always good as well 🙂

update: To pin a tab, all you do is right-click it and click “Pin Tab”.  Before the latest update, you used to be able to push the tab over to the left and have it pin automatically but this seems to have been taken out.  Now the pin icons get bigger when you hover over them too.