And with a new spring comes a new wordpress skin.  This one is smooth and matches my content in my opinion.  Any comments are welcome.  I’m also going to try and fix the openID integration while working on implementing facebook integration.

UPDATE:  I’ve got openID working for comments and I’m also letting feedburner now handle the rss for the blog.

app: remote droid

Whoa.  You install remotedroid on your android phone, run a jar on your HTPC, and presto! you have a touchpad and keyboard to control your computer at your fingertips.  Too friggin cool.  The default sensitivity is basically zero so you have to adjust it to your liking.  While I probably won’t use this for my main user interface since I have a logitech dinovo edge, I still think it’s a rather innovative idea.

RemoteDroid demo from Joshua Sera on Vimeo.

initial impressions: htc droid incredible



So I was an original iPhone adopter and my last phone was an iPhone 3gs.  On its release day, the HTC incredible was listed on amazon for $99 so I went ahead and bought it and switched over to Verizon.  My frustration with apple and its product policies has just gotten to the point where I refuse to own any Apple products (Once I get rid of my iPod, this will be complete).

I’ve had the phone now for about a week, but I didn’t really start appreciating it till I got a micro SD card a couple days ago and was able to fully utilize a lot of the phone’s potential.  Two essential apps that I was referred to by friends are Ringdroid and Wallpaper Set and Save.  I made my first custom ringtone using Ringdroid in about 5 minutes and have since loved my droid incredible.


Setting up the micro SD card for my media was a piece of cake.  Ringtones are stored under /media/audio/ringtones/ and the notification alerts are stored in /media/audio/notifications/.   I store all my music in /media/audio/music/.  On the root of the SD card, there is a folder named “wallpapers” with all my wallpaper images.  The micro SD card is upgradeable so you can opt to have as much storage on your phone that you can afford (while the phone itself has 8gig storage internally).

sdcard layout


And now down to the bread and butter of smartphones, the Apps.  Like I mentioned earlier, Ringdroid is probably one of the best ringtone editors I’ve ever used and you can do it all from your friggin android phone!  Wallpaper Set and Save is also awesome for customizing your home screen.  I’m still messing around with this app called Handcent which is basically a wrapper application for text messaging and offers some options and customization that the native messaging app doesn’t.  Advanced Task Killer is also another must-have app that helps you maintain your running processes.  Barcode Scanner is also a mobile must-have for when you need to check out those Q-codes that are getting popular now on mobile sites.


Ok, so it’s not 100% perfect.  I’m not sure if it’s just my previous iPhone history, but the onscreen keyboard takes some getting used to.  It’s definitely different from the iPhone.  City ID is an app that came pre-installed on my phone and CANNOT BE UNINSTALLED.  This fucking sucks.  This app is pure bloatware (and I’m tempted to classify it as malware because of its shady business practices).  I’m not really sure who to blame for that one (verizon, htc, city id developer), but having shit on my phone that just tries to scam money is NOT KOSHER.


All in all, I do like this phone.  I’ve already determined that it does surpass my iPhone 3gs (at least for me) in terms of functionality and ease of use.  I just hope that Yelp updates their android app soon to support check-ins.  Hopefully this brief review helps some of you.