Keep It Simple Stupid

Keep It Simple Stupid (KISS) – the old adage impressed onto all computer science students their freshmen year. I was reminded of it just now when I finally figured out a problem that was hounding me for a while on one of my test development sites. I’m trying to delve into the world of python web development, but was having a really weird problem where every file I uploaded to was zeroing out on the server. At first I thought maybe it was a temp directory issue, or a permissions issue. Finally, I tried logging into WHM to see if I had gone over my file quota. Well whaddaya know. I forgot to configure the domain with a development package. Oops. On the plus side, python development is now a GO!

I think I’ll try writing a simple CMS from scratch to get a basic feel for the language and then graduate to one of the available web frameworks like web2py or django. I want to try and always have something in the works so that I’m constantly learning something new. Working at a Microsoft shop isn’t a bad thing, but I feel like I’m being pigeon holed into a specific area of the programming industry that is dependent on the direction given by a handful of guys in Redmond. I’d rather keep my options open.

In other news, I’m still finishing up my startrek episode review/discussion site, So far, it’s got Google OpenID and facebook graph API authentication working. I’ve got adding, editing, and deleting comments for episodes working. I have a rudimentary wiki scrape script that I ran a while ago on, the ultimate star trek reference site. I think all I really have left to do for this first iteration is public facing user profile pages, maybe some kind of unique username system, perhaps a more clearly defined “home” or front page for the user, and anchoring for comments (to facilitate direct linking).

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