Script to sync friends list across multiple reddit accounts

While teaching myself Python, I wanted to try and write something that I would actually use. Since I have multiple reddit accounts, a script that would sync settings across them seemed like it would be useful. So far, the only thing being synced is friends, but I’ll soon have something that also syncs subscribed subreddits as well (hopefully).

The script is being hosted on github and the link is here.

I developed the script using Python 2.7.2 so I don’t even know if it is compatible with Python 3.x. Using the script is fairly easy. Just edit the top of the file above the line that says “DO NOT MODIFY BELOW THIS LINE”.


login_info = [
["user1", "pass1"],
["user2", "pass2"],
["user3", "pass3"]

add_self_to_friends should be either “True” or “False” (without quotations)

I think I’ll add in some logic to do interactive input if no settings are detected in the file. I’m also going to change the script to do dom parsing as opposed to regex because the regex could run into some weird issues (I know I’ve said dom parsing is a hassle before, but the goal here is to learn as much Python as possible so I’ll try attacking problems from all angles to learn everything).

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