making bossam (bo ssam)

This weekend, I finally got around to making bossam (bo ssam), the Korean version of boiled pork and cabbage, at home. Using the instructions I found on this great korean food blog, it didn’t come out half bad. Some adjustments I made to the recipe are not using an onion, using a Korean red pepper instead of a¬†Serrano¬†pepper, not using a vegetable boil bag, and using 2.5 lbs of skin-on pork belly (which caused me to have way too many leftovers). Here are some pics of the process.

cleaning the pork

giving the lettuce a salt bath

dwenjang paste and coffee grounds in a pot.

boiling pork with coffee grounds.

everything in pot with new water.

boiling napa cabbage

time to enjoy the fruits of our labor!

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