The debacle that is SimCity 2013

First off, let me say it’s been a while since I’ve last blogged. Since November in fact. And the reason I’m writing here now is, yup you guessed it, I need to rant yet again. So here’s me getting my rant on…

SimCity 2k was the source of countless hours of fun for me back when I first started getting into PC gaming. I remember numerous nights of playing till 4 in the morning, trying to build the “perfect” city. Since then, I’ve played SimCity 3k and SimCity 4 and loved them all. There are plenty of facets to the SimCity games for there to be an appeal to most gamers who play sim or micro-management type games. Network management (traffic), city layout, finance management, and market manipulation are just a few I can think of off the top of my head. What I really loved about this game though, was that the sky was the limit. You were the mayor/God. You could transform the earth. You could rain down destruction/disaster if one of your sims even looked at you funny. You could demolish an entire row of high-rise condominiums without even evicting the tenants first, just to build a new shopping area with a nice medium-sized park so your sims could have their own Tysons Corner Galleria area. If you could imagine it, you could at least try to build it.

Fast forward to today. SimCity 2013 has been out for a bit now and the reviews that were originally positive have since turned negative. Maxis did some initial damage control going so far as to have a Q&A on Twitter with the head of the company, Lucy Bradshaw, back when the focus of the problems seemed to be on server issues and players couldn’t get online. Now that the initial launch week stress has cleared, players have come back with new grievances¬†which the company might not be able to just throw more servers at, including pathfinding issues as well as an overly simplistic agent model which might end up causing more problems than it solved. Couple these problems with the anonymous simcity dev who earlier this week said in an interview that the company’s claims of the game depending on online connectivity are exaggerated (take with grain of salt), and you have a recipe for hell week in the PR department at EA/Maxis.

As for me, I’ve returned the game for a refund because it was just unplayable and I wanted to send a message with my wallet. Do I think they’ll listen? Probably not. Do I think the game was worth $60? Nope. I’ll most likely pick it up when it goes on sale for like $10 (which is probably going to be sooner rather than later I’m guessing given the current bad press around the game).