I’m slowly getting around to playing the guitar again and thought I’d try and learn the song Jolene by Dolly Parton to help facilitate the readjusting period.

{% youtube 1plvBR02wDs %}

There’s also this version which is the original slowed down to 33rpm (spoilers: it’s awesome).

{% youtube CMrfM711vXI %}

This one shows The White Stripes performing it live.

{% youtube zX8piT5lOsM %}

And here is one by Dolly Parton’s god daughter, Miley Cyrus.

{% youtube wOwblaKmyVw %}

The IFTTT experiment is over

A little while ago, I created a recipe on IFTTT to link my facebook to this blog and turned it on to see how it went.  Today I’ve turned off the recipes and  have decided to write specific content for the blog. The point was to try and intersperse some of my social media posts with my blog posts, but in reality the blog just became a mirror for my facebook feed since I don’t post as frequently as I should.

IFTTT itself is still a rather useful service in my opinion. One of my currently enabled recipes turns my phone to vibrate mode once it’s connected to the wireless network at my office. Once it disconnects from the network, it puts the ringer back to full volume.

I really think IFTTT is on to something here. The ability to tap into events that happen in your daily life and use those as triggers to initiate actions is essentially an API for life. We just need to expand it and see what comes out of the explosion of apps and services.