Qanba Q1 and SFV (PC)

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Right when StreetFighter V dropped earlier this year, I picked it up along with a Hori Mini 4. Now I’ve done a slight upgrade to a Qanba Q1, which is supposed to be a great beginner fightstick before you feel like throwing down the $200+ for a MadCatz TES+/TE2+.

One problem. StreetFighter V doesn’t recognize the Qanba Q1. At the time of this post, SFV on the PC only recognizes Xinput controllers (xbox360). All you have to do is get an Xinput wrapper application such as Xoutput which lets DirectInput controllers talk to Xinput APIs. Follow the instructions to install the Scp driver and then run Xoutput and configure the Qanba Q1 with these settings.

Xoutput settings

There is no button 12 so that’s what I put for the Back command since the controller doesn’t seem to have a back button. You can just leave it blank. I couldn’t figure out how to blank it out once I put the value in (which is really silly).