Has the tide turned against the mighty behemoth?

If you’d asked me a few years ago if I ever thought facebook would ever be unseated as the juggernaut of the internet, I would have laughed in your face and told you to stop trippin. That moment is still a long way off, but there has been a huge push to delete your facebook in the aftermath of this whole russian election meddling scandal and Cambridge Analytica debacle. Even I’m feeling swayed to at least remove all my data from the blue big brother. I’m using this shady chrome extension to do it (having downloaded a copy of all my data first). It is kind of an annoyingly slow process, but I feel somewhat satisfied every time I wipe out a year of data.

I’m not exactly advocating the death of social media. I just don’t trust facebook anymore to keep my data safe. It’s most likely out there already, but I can at least remove it from the source in case other nefarious parties have yet to make a copy. Do I plan on doing the same thing with Twitter? probably. Instagram? hell nah. I will keep posting pics of food till the day I die. The russians can at least know the best places to get a bowl of ramen in the DC area when they finally do a land invasion. I hope this is the catalyst for more disruption in the social media industry. Other companies should use this as a watershed moment to rethink their data/privacy policies and work to actually earn the trust of their users.