dj grun

This weekend started off with Art-o-matic in DC to go see Bob spin a late night set.  I got there a bit early and explored around a bit before the show started.  I’ll go on the record as saying that I think art-o-matic has to be a multi-day experience.  There’s just too much art to absorb in a one-day span.  Eight floors of craziness.  Later on in the night, we went out to the cat.


and somehow in the night, I got to see this badass pez collection in someone’s crib.


good times all around.

this isn’t my life… THIS IS SPARTA!

I’m often surprised at how some things turn out in my life. Everything will be the same, normal routine for weeks, even months, and one day it all changes and your world is quite different than what you’re used to. But enough of that mindless inspirational dribble…

For Peter’s birthday, we got to try out Chima, a brazilian steakhouse in tyson’s corner, which had an amazing selection of meat that was brought around to the tables on skewers. Although the food was amazing, I don’t think I quite got my money’s worth since it was $50 per person and I seriously doubt I ate $50 worth of meat there. Definitely overpriced, but the atmosphere was extremely relaxed and the food was great. I highly recommend the salmon and filet mignon.

So I’m also pondering whether or not to delete my myspace account. I’ve been on that site since close to the beginning and was actually the motivating force for many of my friends to get on it and begin their exuberant lives as myspace addicts. I feel that myspace has jumped the shark long ago and is now just drifting in a slowly dying orbit dwarfed by the superstar facebook (which also seems to be on its way out). Anyway, seeing as how innovation is prompted by necessity, it’s time to make myspace realize that they suck something terribad and need to acquiesce to fate. Therein lies the foundation for myspace deleting day, which is gonna be on June 1, 2008 for me. That gives me one month to convince as many people as I can to delete their myspaces too, or have someone convince me not to delete mine. Let’s start making the world a better place. a myspace free world sounds like a great way to begin!

sad panda

clinton obama

you know what makes me a sad panda? when i look around and see the current polarization of the democratic party against itself. now, i support obama and all… but i don’t think i have anything in common with the rabid obamaniacs out there now spewing their nonsensical attacks on clinton which really just irks me. it makes the obama campaign seem like a gang of idiots. there are some clintonites out there too that attack obama incessantly and without class. meanwhile, mccain and his supporters are just sitting on the sidelines feeding each camp some juicy morsels every now and then, biding their time until the general election campaign when they finally know who their real opponent is. the point i’m trying to make is that if you’re trying to convince me to vote for your candidate via attacks on the other candidates, i’m going to label you an idiot and just nod my head while thinking of how i’m going to escape your dreaded hate sermon. honestly, if the only arguments you can come up with to vote for your candidate are statements that try to generate fear in the person you’re talking to, you need to be shot. we are living in a civilized society. let’s start behaving like one.


we’re getting lunch catered to us today and i get chicken shwarma!  oh man, i can’t wait!  in other news, i am kicking ass in tekken tag with xiaoyu and paul, my ultimate combo force.  be afraid.  be very afraid.

CMS on hiatus

Well, I figure I should put my CMS on hiatus and check out some of the other flavors out there so I can get a fresh perspective on how I want to direct the project.  For now, I’ll be using WordPress 2.5 which seems to be pretty nice thus far.  Let me mess around with the settings and everything for a while…  and definitely do something about the style…